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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 08.12.2022

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Today there are so many options for flooring that it is not easy to find the best flooring for reconstruction or new construction. You also do not know at all what criteria are important? One of the most important aspects you should consider is the health impact due to bacteria. So what about the different types of flooring? On which ones dust collects and which ones are good to clean?

Dirt accumulates in carpets

While carpets are a great option for the children's room, for example, because they are very soft and warm, they have some unpleasant properties. Although it doesn't look like it, a great many carpets are made of synthetic fibers and treated with chemicals, such as by-products of the oil industry, antistatic sprays, artificial dyes or antimicrobial coatings. Some even contain carcinogens and chemicals that can cause hallucinations, nerve damage and respiratory diseases.

But do not worry, you do not have to immediately replace the carpets in your home with alternative floor coverings. Even if you encounter a carpet made in this way, the negative effects described above need not occur at all. And if they do, it will happen only after many decades. However, there are negative effects that are immediately noticeable - the dirt hidden in the carpet.

Dirt that is inside can be removed only by a specialist

The thicker the carpet, the more dirt is absorbed. This dirt is not visible to the naked eye, the carpet hides dust, pet hair and any dirt that you carry in with your socks. Vacuuming the carpet will not help in this case, the fine dust particles hide inside and are very bad for allergy sufferers.

Cleaning is a demanding process. The vacuum cleaner removes only the superficial dirt, for the dirt inside you need to call in a professional with a special device for wet cleaning.

Mold is not good for wood

Floors made of real wood are completely safe for health. The only thing that can have a negative impact on health is any surface coating. Natural wood is also suitable for allergy sufferers, because it neither collects dust nor provides a shelter for dust mites.

The only problem is that it absorbs moisture. If the humidity in the house is high, which is more common in older and poorly insulated houses, mold will form on the floor. For this reason, this type of flooring is completely unsuitable for bathrooms or garages, where it could be exposed to water for a long time.

There are several types of wood floor cleaning

One of the undoubted advantages of wooden floors is their ease of cleaning. Everyone chooses for himself the technique that seems best, because wood can be cleaned both with a vacuum cleaner and with a wet mop. As a rule, it is enough to clean the wood with water and a detergent, from time to time should use a means of treatment of wooden floors.

Manufacturers also recommend to extend the life with oils or wax, and the feet of armchairs, tables and cabinets with a soft fabric. After all, these often leave scratches in the paint, which can not be removed.

PVC floors should be properly cleaned every six months

PVC tiles are most often criticized in connection with their harmlessness to health. Perhaps you have already heard that all PVC coverings are harmful to health and contain phthalates. However, the fact is that all vinyl floors currently sold by us already meet all standards and are certified. Die PVC tiles terramondi have a certificate of harmlessness to health.

Otherwise, the vinyl floors are as simple as wood. They do not attract dust, dirt does not stick, so they are suitable even for allergy sufferers. You will look in vain for mold, especially with the terramondi brand. After all, terramondi tiles are equipped with a unique system of drainage channels, which prevents problems with damp subfloor.

A mop is sufficient for cleaning

The great advantage, especially for busy people, is the ease of cleaning the PVC floor. It is enough to use a mop, for larger dirt we recommend special detergents. With some cleaning agents you can even remove stubborn stains and scratches caused by rubber soles.

Besides the usual cleaning with a mop, every six months you should use a detergent to carefully remove the dirt and leave it for ten minutes. This will keep the PVC floor clean for many years.

You do not have to worry

All floor coverings used nowadays should be harmless to health, and many companies can prove this with a certificate or a certificate from a trustworthy institute. You do not have to worry about your health.

Therefore, when choosing, pay more attention to the cleaning capabilities, and if you have allergy sufferers in the family, you should be more interested in whether the coating attracts dust or dust mites. There are no other restrictions.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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