The garage floor: This is what you should pay attention to

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 25.11.2022

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A Garagenfloor must be very durable. So what to focus on when choosing it? And what material to choose? Read our article and you will learn more.

A floor that creates a lot

A garage is considered a stress test for all types of floors. A major problem is service fluids such as oil or fuel that eventually get on the floor. Water puddles resulting from water dripping off your vehicle or moisture creeping up and causing mold can also be a pain. Don't forget about tire tracks, either. Add to that your intermittent handyman moments and we have a list of "garage hazards" at our fingertips.

So what to ask from a garage floor


Concrete only with paint

A popular and common solution is a concrete floor, but it has many disadvantages - it is not resistant to solvents and salts, which can not be avoided in a garage. Thus, the effect of operating fluids often manifests itself not only in appearance. The concrete begins to crumble, apart from various dents and holes can also unpleasantly surprise increased dust formation.

The concrete floor can be treated with a coating that makes the surface stronger. This is an inexpensive, but very labor-intensive option. Make sure that the paint is not too thin, under the weight of the vehicle it could crack. For maintenance, a broom and wiping it out once in a while is enough. Unfortunately, you can not quickly get rid of the engine fluids on such a coating.

High-quality tiles yes, but...

A good, but quite expensive option is ceramic load tiles. Well laid tiles have many advantages. They are resistant to water and chemicals, and cleaning them is a breeze. However, improperly installed tiles can turn into a disaster. Moisture creeping up can be the cause of mold, or even dents in the tiles. The other disadvantage of a wrongly laid floor you will notice as soon as something heavy falls down on the floor and a tile bursts.

PVC knows how to help itself in the garage

One step further than ceramic tiles are PVC tiles, which withstand mechanical stress, chemical substances and surface water. A practical variant is the Terramondi composite tiles. Their maintenance is simple and the existing drainage system knows how to help even with creeping moisture. Mold can be said goodbye for good.

Which Terramondi tiles should you choose?

For a garage, take Terramondi Mechanic, Light and Invisible. While Terramondi Light and Invisible can withstand higher loads and provide excellent service in private garages, the Mechanic series can cope with even the highest stress - it can withstand high punctual as well as dynamic loads. Thus, it can be used in private garages as well as in parking garages.

Whichever series you choose for your garage, you will appreciate the resistance to water and chemicals, but from the advantage is certainly the non-slip surface and noise insulation. Maintenance is very convenient. Operating fluids or wheel stains can be easily wiped away from the tiles. And if something happens to fall on the floor, the damaged part can be replaced with a new one - thus saving a not small amount not only for repairs, but for a total renovation of the tiles.

Save time, effort and money

Before installing Terramondi tiles only need to level and sweep the base. Installation is simple. In most cases, you do not need glue - the tiles fit into each other like a puzzle. Thus, you save a lot of work and money and can finish laying within an hour. You can also customize the design of the tiles to your liking. Is the gray classic already too boring for you? You can choose from three motifs and twelve colors.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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