Your garage is its flagship, what are the risks?

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 05.12.2022

The garage is a multifunctional space. It is not just a place where you park your car in the evening. It often serves as a warehouse, a workshop, a place to store garden furniture and tools. This room must withstand a lot, but the most stressed is the floor.

What are the risks in your garage?

Spilled oil

Engine oil and fuels irreparably destroy the floor. It is almost impossible to clean a concrete floor from oil, because the oil penetrates into the floor and forms stains. These are unsightly, but can also pose a problem in the restoration of the floor. This is because it is difficult to apply another layer of concrete to a greasy floor. One solution is to lay a Terramondi floor on the concrete, which is resistant to chemicals and does not absorb oil.

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Water brought in

You may not be aware of this at all, but you bring a lot of water into your garage with the car or garden furniture. This can evaporate, but much of it runs down to the floor, here it is absorbed, and thus gradually destroys the construction of the garage. Fortunately, a Terramondi floor allows the water to pass only partially, but each part has a system of small drainage channels that help water evaporate.

Falling tools

During repairs of various kinds, it can happen that you drop an instrument. If it's a small Allen wrench, nothing happens. However, if you drop a heavy pliers when loosening a rusted screw, for example, a ceramic plaster can be completely broken. A PVC floor Terramondi will not be broken, there may be only a scratch, which from a further distance is almost not seen at all. And if you see it, the damaged part can be replaced.

Braking vehicle

Have you not yet had a breakdown shown above? Nevertheless, the floor in the garage is worn out. At first you may notice it at the starting and braking point. You can see the ruts after a certain time, because they are more loaded - what now? Part of a concrete or paved floor cannot be replaced - in each case the entire floor must be expensively renovated. With Terramondi floor it is enough to simply replace a worn part with a new one.

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How to reduce damage?

Get a PVC floor Terramondi for your garage. Choose the Terramondi Light or Invisible, variant, which are designed for medium load and perfectly fit into private garages. If you need even more endurance, choose the variant Industie, which can cope with the highest load.

Each of these floor series will help you easily prevent the worries associated with the risks that threaten the floor in the garage every day. Thus, you save money and time now and in the future.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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