How to find the right fitness floor for your individual needs

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High quality fitness floors for your gym or your own fitness room at home from terramondi

Whether it's high-quality fitness flooring for professional gyms or less expensive variants for the home gym: at terramondi you can compare fitness floors from different manufacturers and buy them easily and conveniently online. However, the search for a suitable fitness floor is often not that easy.

In this article, we will explain why you can get even more out of your workout with our fitness floors and why our fitness floors are guaranteed to be the right choice for you. We also want to show you which criteria you should pay attention to in order to find the right fitness floor for your needs.

Fitness floors from Germany from renowned manufacturers for your individual training needs

When buying fitness floors from terramondi, you can count on the best quality combined with excellent service. For this purpose, it is of particular relevance to us that the components used for production (such as rubber and binding agents) are sourced from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We can therefore assure in good conscience that the fitness plates are odorless and will not cause any unpleasant odors. By carefully choosing the materials, we give you our guarantee that all of our fitness floors are harmless to health. Our floors made of EPDM also meet the requirements for toys for young children. With us you get maintenance-free and at the same time low-maintenance fitness floors. Due to the equally robust resistance, a fitness floor from terramondi can be cleaned quickly and easily with a vacuum cleaner or mop. You will feel this high level of quality directly at the first touch of our fitness tiles. The big advantage for you: even with demanding use, you benefit from an above-average service life with our fitness floors.

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Simply train better with fitness floors from terramondi

In the production of terramondi's fitness floors, rubber chopped into small grains is mixed with elastic binders and finally pressed into sheets in molds. This ensures that the floor panels are made of naturally elastic material.

Various options are available to further adjust the elasticity of the slab with regard to individual requirements, for example by imprinting a structure in the underside.

Every fitness floor offered by terramondi is a reliable means of efficiently damping vibrations and impact sound. Here, the rule of thumb is: the thicker the board, the better it also insulates against floor cold. This is a particularly important aspect if the fitness floor is to be used primarily for performing floor exercises.

In addition, the sports floors we offer have tread elastic and at the same time anti-slip properties. This guarantees firm and secure footing during the entire workout, without the foot pressing into the floor or the fitness floor slipping.

high quality fitness floors from terramondi for professional training

With growing athletic ambitions, the point quickly comes when ordinary floors and iso-mats are insufficient and the purchase of a new professional floor covering (fitness floor) is inevitable. Because: parquet, laminate, tiles, concrete or even carpet are not suitable as a floor for an intensive workout in the home gym - especially not when there are much better alternatives.

Of course, not all fitness floors are the same. Because: the different areas of use each bring individual requirements, so that the workout can be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

But don't worry. Our comprehensive range certainly has an ideal solution for your individual training situation or the needs of your fitness studio. You can rely on our precisely matched range of different plate types and thicknesses.

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Fitness flooring from terramondi - overview of all types, brands and slab thicknesses

Do you want to find a fitness floor that suits your needs? In the following, we want to tell you what criteria you should look for when buying your new fitness floors.

At terramondi you will find a large selection of high-quality fitness floors in different colors and designs. This ensures that our range of fitness floors also has a suitable solution for your specific application.

There are also enormous differences in terms of material. We primarily offer you fitness floors made of PVC and rubber - but production from other materials is also possible, depending on your specific needs.

With us you will find suitable fitness floors for outdoor applications, the home gym or for use in professional gyms.

Fitness floors from terramondi - easily installed, efficiently trained

Another advantage of our fitness floors is that they can be installed extraordinarily quickly - even without the additional use of a craftsman. Even laying skills or special tools are not required. If you follow the instructions provided, your sports floor will also be installed at home as quickly as possible. All you have to do is lay the fitness floor on a suitable subfloor - gluing or otherwise connecting the tiles is unnecessary. The tiles, on the other hand, join together as if by magic, creating a form-fitting and cohesive carpet of tiles. A decisive advantage: if necessary, the sports tiles can be quickly and easily dismantled or relaid. Whether in the fitness room, outdoors or at home, it makes no difference.

Fitness floor from terramondi - guaranteed a good decision

But our fitness floors score points not only for their simple construction. The elastic floor protection mats provide noticeable insulation against cold rising from the floor.

Whether you sit, lie or stand on the fitness floor - you will always hear a pleasant comfort. At the same time, terramondi's fitness floors have many things in common with the natural forest floor - naturally insulating and at the same time firm. Due to this strength, you can assume that even the feet of heavy fitness equipment will not leave any marks on the floor.

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Conclusion: What makes a good fitness floor?

In order to find a suitable fitness floor, you should of course know what actually characterizes a good fitness floor. Therefore, we would like to conclude by listing the most important criteria that characterize a 'good' fitness floor.

  1. A suitable fitness floor adapts to the intensity, dynamics and equipment of your sport / use.
  2. Good fitness floors are quick and easy to install and adapt to the specific room size.
  3. High quality fitness flooring scores with good insulating properties against sound, shock, impact and vibration. It protects the floor, your joints and at the same time spares your own neighbors.
  4. A suitable fitness floor should also be slip-resistant and slip-proof, and thus noticeably increase the safety during training.
  5. Of course, the fitness floor should also be comfortable. Who wants a fitness floor on which it is not possible to walk barefoot on the mat and lie down.
  6. Finally, a professional fitness floor should be water repellent and easy to clean. Because: a lot of sweat drips onto the fitness floor during hard workouts.

Find the right fitness floor for your own needs - easy with us

We hope that through this article we have been able to provide clarity on how to find the right fitness floor for your needs.

There are numerous reasons to use terramondi's professional fitness floors. After all, the right fitness floor not only ensures a maximum workout experience, but also provides protection from the particular surface as well as injuries at the same time.

It's fortunate that you can rely on our wide selection of proven sports floors. We offer a custom, proven sports flooring solution for each of your different areas of use. The fitness floors we offer ensure the highest level of quality for you. For this purpose, the floors undergo extensive tests with regard to their load-bearing capacity, wear and tear as well as cushioning behavior prior to further distribution, so that we can ensure the production of fitness floors of the best possible quality for you.

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