TM Motion

€105.90 per m²

Comfortable flooring for all kinds of group activities.

  •  Avoids scratches on the floor
  •  Slip resistance especially for group training
  •  Fewer injuries


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    €105.90€88.99 (netto)
    €105.90 / m²
    €88.99 (netto)
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We offer quantities of more than 50 m² only via offer to more favorable terms.

Quantities less than 50 m² can only be ordered online.

Suitable accessories

 TM Motion
for Aerobics and Group-X

The quintessence in terms of flooring for gyms.
. TM MOTION by terramondi offers the best solution for aerobics. Perfect for a variety of workouts such as Zumba, Body Pump, step classes and all other types of group activities. The TM MOTION is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is the floor that gives you everything you are looking for and more.

Robust. Resilient. Revolutionary.
The TM MOTION floor's breakthrough, optimized friction technology prevents slipping or blocking and provides superior grip for all types of workouts. The high-quality pure industrial rubber, designed for comfort, gives the TM MOTION a high degree of flexibility and offers a sensational barefoot training experience while providing optimal resistance to wear and tear.

Energy Return.
In keeping with our reputation as a leading provider of flooring solutions, we at terramondi are committed to breaking new ground and incorporating the latest technologies into our products. One of our latest developments is "Energy Return", an innovative new technology that allows the floor to absorb impact and convert it into energy that is used for subsequent movement. The TM MOTION is not only a floor to train on, but also optimizes your workout.

Absorbs shock, repels odors.
. Like all of our floors, TM MOTION has an impermeable surface that repels sweat and bacteria. Moisture is held to the surface, preventing hygiene issues and making for easy cleaning. You'll never have to worry about all those sweaty workouts in your gym causing bad air again.

So injuries are a thing of the past.
. TM MOTION's point-elastic properties are specifically designed to absorb shock and protect your athletes' joints. This state-of-the-art technology reduces the risk of injury by 80% compared to traditional rigid and aeroelastic floors.

A piece of the puzzle.
Our floors are installed using our innovative installation method. State-of-the-art machines form puzzle piece shaped tiles with the utmost precision. This makes installation and maintenance up to ten times faster than other methods and gives you the ability to remove and replace individual tiles at any time, further reducing maintenance, repair and even rebranding costs.

Small but mighty.
With a thickness of 9 mm and a weight of only 7 kg per square meter, installation and maintenance are simple. TM MOTION's stain-resistant surface of fresh industrial rubber provides protection from damage even when using small accessories like dumbbells and steps, so you can maximize your floor space.

Tailored to you.
We firmly believe that quality should not be sacrificed for aesthetics and vice versa. That's why we offer a wide range of colors, as well as the option to customize your TM MOTION floor to your liking.

Application examples

Areas of application for the TM MOTION:

All types of group activities such as aerobics, Group-X, Zumba, Body Pump, step classes, spinning, etc.

Data & Facts

The TM Motion is very robust and easy to install (floating on the fly).

It is also very easy to maintain and clean and can be easily replaced thanks to the modular system.

We recommend initial or deep cleaning with Jontec Forward and daily cleaning with Jontec Tensol before using the tiles. These are available in our Initial Packs.


  •  Quick and easy installation
  •  resistant click system
  •  hall-, Wärme- und Vibrationsdämmung
  • Material
    Factory new rubber
  • Dimensions
    900 x 900 mm
  • Weight
    8,6 kg/ m²
  • Strength
    9 mm
  • Fire protection class
    Normal flammability (Cfl-S2)
  • Special colors
    Walnut, Red, Lime, Cyan (minimum order quantity: 70 m² / surcharge: 15 %)


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