TM Performance

€105.10 per m²

For the best workout the best floor.
Adaptable flooring for cardio and fitness.

  •  Specially designed for the equipment sector
  •  Has 6 x more resistance than conventional fitness floors
  •  Absorbs vibrations and has a sound-absorbing effect


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    €105.10€88.32 (netto)
    €105.10 / m²
    €88.32 (netto)
    incl. VAT
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    200 €
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We offer quantities of more than 50 m² only via offer to more favorable terms.

Quantities less than 50 m² can only be ordered online.

Suitable accessories

 TM Performance
for cardio and fitness areas

This one simply offers everything.
The TM Performance from terramondi is the perfect floor for all cardio, fitness and functional training areas, including cardio fitness equipment. Thanks to its perfect composition, Pdie TM Performance is the complete gym floor par excellence.

The sound of silence.
Build muscle and reduce background noise in workout or cardio rooms. TM Performance dampens noise and vibration from all sources, minimizing noise generated during workouts and allowing you to create the ambience of your choice.

Robust Stability.
The TM Performance raw material makes this floor perfect for all types of cardio fitness equipment, allowing for optimal grip to prevent machines from shifting in even the most extreme situations. The durable surface also provides the added benefit of preventing residue and dents from heavy machinery.

Futuristic precision.
Using state-of-the-art machine technology, we cut each panel into a "puzzle piece" with millimeter precision to ensure that there are no gaps between panels after installation. Our revolutionary installation method is up to ten times faster than traditional methods and reduces additional costs by allowing you to change only one panel - rather than the entire surface - in the event of damage or remodeling.

Increase your performance.
For terramondi, TM performance equals comfort. Its unique composition provides enhanced shock absorption and maximizes ergonomics to provide the best surface for all types of workouts, protecting athletes from broken bones and joint damage.

No air fresheners required.
All of our indoor floors are impervious to liquids to prevent sweat and other fluids from being absorbed during workouts and to prevent bad odors from developing. The surface made of fresh industrial rubber also prevents staining, unlike other floors made of recycled rubber.

Show who you are
At terramondi, we know how important branding and personalization is to our customers. To create a successful brand, aesthetics is everything. That's why we offer a wide range of finishes for all of our products, as well as the ability to brand tiles with your logo.

Application examples

Application areas for the TM PERFORMANCE:

All kinds of cardio, fitness and functional training areas, including cardio fitness equipment, etc.

Data & Facts

TM Performance is very robust and easy to install (floating on the fly).

It is also very easy to maintain and clean and can be easily replaced thanks to the modular system.

We recommend initial or deep cleaning with Jontec Forward and daily cleaning with Jontec Tensol before using the tiles. These are available in our Initial Packs.


  •  quick and easy installation
  •  resistant click system
  •  Sound, heat and vibration insulation
  • Material
    Factory new rubber
  • Dimensions
    900 x 900 mm
  • Weight
    6,9 kg/ m²
  • Strength
    5 mm
  • Fire protection class
    Flame resistant (Bfl-S1)


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