Ardex P 51 Adhesion & Priming Dispersion

Product description:
- for floor, wall and ceiling
- safe primer with wide range of application
- in a practical 5kg container

  •  Primer, bonding bridge and pore sealant with water-retardant effect
  •  Prevents air bubbles from rising from the substrate during filling operations
  •  Solvent-free
  • Price:

    €101.00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 1 week



Primer, undercoat, bonding bridge and pore closure with water-retardant effect. For binding powdery subfloor surfaces, e.g. on sanded, absorbent calcium sulfate and calcium sulfate flowing screeds, for priming cement screeds, for absorbing filler, leveling and leveling compounds.

As a bonding bridge on smooth concrete floors, particularly compacted cement screeds, tempered calcium sulfate screeds, terrazzo, sandstone, tile and slab coverings when using leveling compounds and thin-bed mortars. As bonding bridge on old substrates with adhering filler and adhesive residues.

As a pore sealant on concrete floors and cement screeds
- it prevents air bubbles from rising from the substrate during subsequent troweling applications,
- it prevents mixing water from being blown away in subsequent trowel applications.

For priming on gypsum, calcium sulfate and chipboard for thin-bed mortar. As a bonding bridge on smooth concrete for gypsum-bonded wall fillers. Protective coating for dust binding on putties and leveling compounds, which serve as usable surfaces for a short time.

For interior use.


Solvent-free, white synthetic resin dispersion that significantly inhibits water penetration after drying.


Substrate must be dry, sound and free from dust and release agents.


Pour ARDEX P51 into a clean container and mix with the quantity of water specified by the mixing ratio. Apply primer evenly with a broom, brush or roller and allow to dry to a clear, thin film before starting subsequent work.