Base strip for TM Mechanic

Suitable for TM Mechanic

Matching baseboard for the skirting boards to our TM Mechanic tiles.

To a base strip à 2.5m fit 5 skirting boards à 0.5m.

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      €6.00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks



    Dimensions: 2,500 x 52 mm

    TM Mechanic tiles can be supplemented with original skirting boards. The skirting boards are made of the same material as TM Mechanic tiles.

    The skirting boards can be installed in three ways:

    a) by screwing the baseboard to the wall and sliding in the skirting boards,
    b) by gluing the baseboard to the wall and sliding in the skirting board,
    c) by screwing the baseboard directly to the wall without using the baseboard.

    The least technically demanding installation is b).
    You first adjust the size of the baseboard to the size of the room (they are supplied in a length of 2.5 m).

    Then you glue the base strip to the wall, we recommend the glue "Den Braven Mamut" for gluing or you screw it tightly. When gluing, the glue must be allowed to harden before inserting the individual parts to harden (we recommend 24 h). When you screw the baseboard, you can immediately install the individual parts of the skirting boards.

    Insert the upper part of the baseboard under the edge of the baseboard and press it against the wall so that the lower part of the baseboard (narrowed part) covers the expansion joint. Gradually insert other parts of the base strip and make sure that the interlocking is correct. When screwing directly to the wall, measure the height 9 cm and screw to the wall. During the installation, make sure that the toothing is correctly connected.

    - We recommend that the width of the cut tiles closest to the walls is more than 10 cm.
    - At doors and in corners, the area of the cut tile must be larger than half of the original whole tile.