Event floor for party tents and outdoor events

The event floors are ideally suited for use as tent flooring at outdoor events as well as for trade fairs and large-scale events (concerts, festivals).
With the terramondi outdoor floor panels, we offer you a high-quality, fast and scalable solution for event floors of all kinds.

Why do I need event floors?

Your next event is already organized down to the smallest detail? But have you also thought about the choice of a suitable event floor? How do you deal with possible weather-related impairments? How do you offer your guests the best possible comfort? This is where terramondi's event and party flooring comes into play.

Whether on event surfaces or in party tents: Dirt and mud-soaked events and celebrations are something no one wants.
With outdoor floor tiles made of wear-resistant plastic from terramondi, you will be well prepared for weather-related impairments at your next events.

There are many reasons to use outdoor event floors at festivities and events besides protection against moisture, dirt and mud.

Party floors made of terramondi floor tiles protect your guests in all weather conditions, enhance your event with a comfortable walking and standing feeling and thus give the celebration its very special charm.

PVC tiles


TM Event
from €40.00/ m²€33.61 (net)incl. VAT
TM Interior
from €34.00/ m²€28.57 (net)incl. VAT
TM Interior Ball Point
from €40.00/ m²€33.61 (net)incl. VAT
TM Interior Double-Sided
from €38.00/ m²€31.93 (net)incl. VAT
TM Interior Small Reinforced
from €46.00/ m²€38.66 (net)incl. VAT
TM Heavy Load
from €45.00/ m²€37.82 (net)incl. VAT

Buy event flooring - why at terramondi?

We provide you with the best party floor for your next event - a seemingly inconspicuous detail with immense impact. With us, you get high-quality yet cost-effective event flooring for maximum comfort at future celebrations.

With an outdoor flooring system from terramondi, you can create an enclosed event floor in no time at all - according to your current space requirements. With high-quality event flooring from terramondi, your next event will be a complete success.

With terramondi event flooring, you can rely on the best possible quality, which offers numerous advantages in use.

The event flooring panels can be quickly and easily assembled into an integrated flooring system that fits like a carpet over a wide variety of surfaces.

In addition to the short installation time, we create weather and substrate independence for you with our party flooring. By using our outdoor event floors, your event can take place in any weather. The event floor thus gives you great freedom in your own planning. Because: even in the event of rain, you don't have to fear muddy paths and can rely on a surface that remains comfortable and clean to walk on at all times.

Another quality feature of terramondi event floors is the ribbing in each individual event floor panel. The anti-slip effect ensures that your guests can stand safely even in heavy rain - even during extensive partying and dancing.

The tiles reliably protect against cold and wetness and are also suitable for winter use or as a permanent solution due to their robust material.

Our guarantee:
more comfort with less worries at the same time.

Application examples

Discover more application examples

With terramondi event flooring to more comfort - pleasant standing, walking and celebrating.

Individual terramondi outdoor floor panels are quickly transformed into an event floor system that increases the comfort of guests and guarantees the event safety and weather autonomy. But terramondi outdoor floor panels are not only essential on meadows and lawns, other open spaces or as party tent flooring. By using our paving slabs, your guests will be able to sit, walk and stand on highly comfortable surfaces within a very short time - where otherwise there would be hard concrete or muddy ground.

The health of your guests and the resulting increased mood of the visitors will thank you.

Uncomplicated seating for events with event flooring from terramondi

Due to their flatness, terramondi event floors can also be used for seating without any problems. Thus, regardless of the weather, a feel-good atmosphere can be created for your guests in an enchanting ambience. Without the use of event floor panels, events and parties at such locations would only be possible with great effort.

Event floors have numerous advantages with regard to natural floors - which make them indispensable for use at events and parties. For example, natural floors such as lawns or meadows can quickly turn into muddy areas in snow or rain in combination with large crowds of people, where no festive mood wants to arise.

The water cannot be absorbed by the compacted ground and increasingly accumulates, resulting in waterlogging - an absolutely undesirable guest at any outdoor event.

But also subsoil made of stone or gravel quickly turns out to be a tripping hazard at events and does not invite guests to linger or walk on it. Even chairs cannot be ideally placed on such a stony surface without the use of event flooring.

Party tent floor from terramondi - protection from waterlogging, dirt and cold

The event floor panels from terramondi reliably protect your next event from waterlogging, dirt as well as cold and create a pleasant and clean floor climate that invites you to linger from afar.

With a terramondi tent floor, your outdoor event is guaranteed to be a complete success. The event floors serve as an important cold barrier and create a high level of floor hygiene and comfort - this will also be reflected in the mood of your guests.

The tent floor can be easily scaled and installed by one person. The floor system consisting of several event floor panels offers high protection on wet surfaces.

You want to be on the safe side for your next event?

Here you can conveniently buy our high-quality event floor online. (Link to buy page)

What are the possible applications of an event floor?

Event flooring from terramondi - the ideal solution for party tents and temporary roofing.

With our outdoor flooring, we offer you a highly functional system floor that can be quickly and easily assembled and is ready for use at your event in no time at all. The event floor panels are easily scalable and ideally suited for all sizes of use: be it for pavilions, large-scale meadows, marquees, etc.

Thanks to the intuitive laying mechanism, small as well as large floor areas can be precisely laid out within a very short time, even without prior knowledge - and the party can begin. The dimensions of the area to be covered play a subordinate role - the event floor panels can be conveniently scaled in 0.5 meter steps to your own needs.

Event flooring from terramondi in best made in Germany quality

At terramondi you get robust and equally resilient tent / event flooring for a wide variety of festive applications.

In addition to their high level of comfort, the floors also score points for their ease of installation. But even after use, the tent floor can be quickly and easily dismantled and thus reused at the next event. By manufacturing our floors in Germany, we guarantee you the highest quality - in every component used in production.

Event flooring from terramondi - your advantages

Are you looking for high-quality event flooring for your next party?

With us, you can buy event flooring online conveniently and affordably.