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The ideal PVC flooring for your garage: stable, easy to clean and resistant.
Find the perfect PVC floor for your garage now.

We are your partner for garage flooring made of PVC floor tiles. As a manufacturer and supplier of garage flooring, we offer a variety of robust and flexible flooring solutions for your garage in PVC floor tile look. From the idea to the completion, we are always available for your PVC garage floor at any time.

PVC tiles


TM Mechanic
from €48.00/ m²€40.34 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Mechanic Eco
from €35.00/ m²€29.41 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Mechanic Print
from €68.00/ m²€57.14 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Mechanic Eco Print
from €58.00/ m²€48.74 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Mechanic Max
from €86.00/ m²€72.27 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Mechanic Custom
from €82.00/ m²€68.91 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Invisible
from €48.00/ m²€40.34 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Invisible Eco
from €35.00/ m²€29.41 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Invisible Print
from €68.00/ m²€57.14 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Invisible Eco Print
from €57.00/ m²€47.90 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
from €40.00/ m²€33.61 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
from €33.00/ m²€27.73 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Ultra
from €63.00/ m²€52.94 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Ultra Eco
from €46.00/ m²€38.66 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Commerce
from €33.00/ m²€27.73 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Technic
from €45.00/ m²€37.82 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Strong
from €53.00/ m²€44.54 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Race
from €46.00/ m²€38.66 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Race Flat
from €50.00/ m²€42.02 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Ultragrip
from €35.00/ m²€29.41 (net)incl. VAT
TM Standard
from €35.00/ m²€29.41 (net)incl. VAT
TM Event
from €43.00/ m²€36.13 (net)incl. VAT
TM Multifunction
from €27.00/ m²€22.69 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Allround
from €27.00/ m²€22.69 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available

The garage floor

Our garage floors are constantly exposed to extreme loads. Whether due to heavy weights, constant temperature fluctuations or chemical loads such as oil, petrol and other liquids - they take their toll on the floor.

In most cases, simple concrete floors are used in garages. In principle, concrete is very well suited as a garage floor because it can take heavy punctual loads with ease. However, if road salt, oil stains or other liquids are not removed in time, they will attack the floor surface over time - a wide variety of defects will occur.

There are various products on the market for the garage. Nowadays, garages are increasingly equipped with tiles or sealants - e.g. with epoxy resin. All these solutions can enhance the garage and protect the concrete underneath. But what they all have in common is that they are very time-consuming to apply and require manual dexterity. In addition, these floors also give in to the load over time.

The situation is different with our PVC click tiles.

Application examples

Discover more application examples

PVC tiles for the garage

The time of unsightly garage spaces is definitely over, because with a PVC garage floor you have numerous options for designing the flooring of your dream garage. However, it is important to know that you do not have to compromise here: Design-led AND high-performance flooring in your garage are already united by PVC tiles and slabs. PVC tiles and slabs are therefore perfect for your garage (private and commercial).

But now for some practical considerations: The installation of the floor covering is child's play. The individual PVC tiles are simply and conveniently plugged together. Nothing needs to be glued or a great deal of effort put into the subfloor for the system to hold. Despite this excellent applicability, the PVC garage floor can withstand just about anything. You don't have to worry about parking your car, motorbike, truck or other heavy machinery on the PVC garage floor. Dirt, moisture and the weight of various loads, equipment and accessories do not bother the floor.

Thanks to the sustainable technology behind the PVC panels and tiles, you can always rely on the garage floor being abrasion-resistant and robust - even after years of use. The special structure of the surface also makes it very easy to clean the floor dry or wet. The tolerance to scratches, dirt or temperature changes is very high and ensures long durability and service life. In the event of damage, the PVC garage tiles can simply be replaced panel by panel - without cost-intensive renewal, gluing, cutting out, etc.

So experience has shown that there are numerous advantages to our garage flooring system: A high-quality PVC floor covering for the garage brings users many years of enjoyment, as it is easy to clean, can be replaced quite simply (if tastes do change over the years as far as the design is concerned - because there are no visual signs of ageing on the floor) and can withstand just about any load.

Advantages of PVC tiles as flooring in the garage

Comparison with other soil types

That's why you should choose PVC for your garage floor.

With our unproblematic installation system of interlocking PVC tiles, you can create a highly comfortable garage floor in no time at all that meets the highest requirements and offers numerous advantages in various applications. Whether for private use, in the commercial sector, in industry or in public facilities: our PVC garage floor is a reliable means of fully meeting the high loads in the garage environment.

If you currently still have a garage floor made of stone tiles or other common materials, we would like to give you some possible reasons to change to a garage floor made of PVC tiles.

Do the following aspects sound familiar to you? Then you should probably consider a PVC garage floor.

The maintenance of your current garage floor is too time-consuming?

Especially due to the high load of a garage floor, easy maintenance is essential. A PVC garage floor provides a remedy for cleaning, as it can be conveniently and easily sprayed with a water jet. Thanks to the drainage structure of the PVC tiles, the water naturally runs off downwards. Even after many years of stubborn wear and dirt, you can have your garage floor shining again in novel condition in no time at all. If repairs need to be carried out on your garage floor, you can easily click out the affected tiles and replace them if necessary.

Your garage doesn't keep any suitable spaces for vehicles?

Our PVC garage floor provides a remedy. By means of the panels, individual parking spaces can be conveniently and modularly plugged together. End edges can also be easily attached. You can add special aesthetics to the parking slots, for example, by placing the logo of the corresponding brand on the floor - this is also no problem with our PVC tiles.

Is your current garage floor stained or sandy?

Such problems are a thing of the past with our PVC plastic solutions. They are resistant to all kinds of dirt and always look clean and tidy.

Your current floor doesn't offer sound and impact absorption?

With a PVC garage floor, you'll increase sound insulation and reduce noise levels in your garage at the same time with a seamless interlocking click system. Depending on the size of the garage, this is an aspect that should not be neglected.

Is your current floor quickly becoming slippery?

Our durable PVC garage floor provides high protection in areas where it can otherwise be slippery quickly with a textured, non-slip surface, reducing the risk of painful and costly accidents.

Is your garage floor badly worn?

Our PVC solutions provide reliable protection against physical impacts such as falling tools or heavy point loads from cars. The robust design ensures many years of use and simultaneous protection against wear and tear.


Although our PVC tiles do not need to be glued, they withstand enormous loads and do not slip, even if you drive your garage with heavy vehicles. This is due, among other things, to the high dead weight of the tiles.

Terramondi PVC tiles convince with their high-end quality and offer a correspondingly long service life.

The Airflow system gives the PVC tiles maximum flexibility and makes them almost indestructible. Even if heavy objects fall on the tiles, they do not break. If something does happen, you can easily replace the damaged tile with a new one. It also ensures even ventilation of the floor, preventing mold or liquids from collecting under the floor.

The advantage: you don't have to replace the entire floor right away, as you would with a coating.

However, it should be noted that PVC tiles are dented under high load, for example, by a jack. But the dent goes out again as soon as the tile warms up.

The PVC garage floor is frost-proof and is not attacked by road salt in winter. Also oil, fuel and other chemical liquids can not harm the tiles.

In principle, even a layman can lay the PVC tiles with click system, provided that he has some craftsmanship.

PVC tiles are very easy and quick to install. They are clicked together like a puzzle.

In terms of tools, all you need is a tape measure and a jig saw.

As is so common with all products on the market, PVC tiles are also available at a lower price - but whether exactly these are the better choice in the end, we as professionals can actually rule out with a clear conscience.

Cheaper PVC tiles are usually thinner and do not have an airflow system. This could result in mold forming between the floor and the PVC tiles.

The stability and resilience is also reflected in the price.

You will notice the differences during installation and in daily use.

There is a second choice when it comes to price, but not if the high standard of quality is to be maintained.

Don't save in the wrong place, or you'll end up buying twice.

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