TM Mechanic

€48.00 per m²

The most robust PVC tile among the easy-to-install floor coverings. Ideal for industrial applications.

  •  Installation on flexible substrates
  •  Sound, heat and vibration insulation
  •  Warranty up to 12 years



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  • Price:

    €48.00€40.34 (netto)
    €48.00 / m²
    €40.34 (netto)
    incl. VAT
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    60 €
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We offer quantities of more than 50 m² only via offer to more favorable terms.

Quantities less than 50 m² can only be ordered online.

Suitable accessories

for the industrial, garage and workshop sector

The TM MECHANIC we recommend for rooms that have a high load and that resistant, high quality and quick to be installed and renovated. The PVC floors are widely used especially in the industrial sector. Be it in mechanical engineering, in the pharmaceutical industry or in warehouses and delivery areas.

Areas of application for TM MECHANIC:

Industrial buildings, industrial halls, production facilities, storage rooms, R&D- areas, application rooms, laboratories, workshops, automotive workshops, garages, offices, exhibition stands/ halls, commercial areas, retail and wholesale, showrooms, stores, medical facilities, train stations, airports, etc.

Application examples

The TM Mechanic is suitable for any application in the industrial field.

Data & Facts

TM MECHANIC tiles are suitable for the highest load. For this reason they are made of very resistant and homogeneous 100% PVC. The construction is designed so that the tile is full on the underside, making it suitable for rooms with high punctual or dynamic loads. These are mainly areas where forklifts or electric pallet trucks are used in particular.

The PVC floors are characterized mainly by their water resistance, slip resistance,sound insulation and chemical resistance.


  •  Resistance to chemicals
  •  high resistance and abrasion
  •  Air Flow System against moisture - no more mold on the floor and walls
  •  minimal processing of the original surface - time savings of up to 20%.
  •  no gluing - the time and costs are reduced by up to 10%.
  •  not the whole floor needs to be renovated, it is enough to renovate certain places
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    510 x 510 mm
  • Weight
    8,8 kg/ m²
  • Strength
    7 mm
  • Slip resistance
    High (R10)
  • Fire protection class
    Flame retardant (Bfl-S1)
  • Special colors
Electric blue
Light green


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