Flooring for tyre service workshops

from Info CastimondiUpdated on 29.06.2023

Do you own a tyre service workshop? Are you planning a refurbishment? Are you wondering which floor would be the best? If so, we can help you decide!

We produce floors adapted to the needs of the demanding conditions in tyre service workshops. High load, easy maintenance, chemical resistance - these are the requirements that such a floor should meet.

Let's look at what options tyre service owners have:

Most tyre service workshops are equipped with a concrete floor. Concrete is often assumed to be able to withstand anything. This may be true for some businesses, but with such frequent exposure as a tyre service garage, cracks will appear over time, usually enlarging and leading to complications in maintenance and cleaning, in addition to the unsightly appearance. Spilled chemicals, oils or fuels can also destroy the floor; if heavy objects fall down, a piece of concrete can splinter.

Another option is classic tiles. However, they do not perform much better compared to concrete paving. Their maintenance, durability or the installation itself are more of a disadvantage. The tiles crack, crumble and peel off over time.

The TM Mechanic differ from the older floor types mainly in the ease and speed of installation. It is therefore not necessary to restrict company operations, which saves financial resources and at the same time the costs for external contractors. The original underlay does not have to be removed or changed at great expense. If the floor is level, simply sweep it before laying and remove the dirt.

The material used and a special production technology guarantee that the tiles will not be damaged by the normal load of cars or special tyre service equipment. The floor can also withstand short-term exposure to chemicals that do not penetrate the material. Slip-resistant shapes and insulating functions of tiles are more comfortable to work on than other types of floors and also reduce noise.

You will also like the modern design. You can choose from several designs and colours. The tiles can be combined according to your own taste to create different coloured work surfaces or safety zones.

We guarantee the quality and durability of our floors and provide a warranty of up to 12 years.

Info Castimondi

Info Castimondi

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