Is PVC environmentally friendly? A comprehensive analysis.

from Info CastimondiUpdated on 17.01.2024

PVC flooring: a sustainable and versatile solution for modern rooms

At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, PVC flooring is often at the centre of discussion. At terramondi, we recognise the benefits of PVC as a floor covering and are committed to using it in the most environmentally friendly and responsible way possible.

PVC: A material with many facets

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a versatile and particularly durable material that is used in many areas of everyday life.

Its flexibility and durability make PVC an ideal material for flooring in a variety of environments: From residential spaces to industrial facilities. At terramondi, we utilise the positive properties of PVC to offer high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions.

Environmental awareness in the use of PVC

At terramondi, we are aware of the potential environmental concerns associated with the production of PVC. We therefore take particular care to use the most environmentally friendly production methods possible. In this way, we try to minimise harmful emissions during production and keep the environmental impact as low as possible

The long service life of PVC flooring is also an important factor: it amortises the demanding production process and reduces the need for frequent new purchases, which in turn significantly reduces the environmental impact.

PVC flooring: health and safety aspects

At terramondi, we attach great importance to the health and safety of our customers. Our PVC flooring therefore meets strict health and safety standards and is free from harmful plasticisers. This ensures that our products are safe for use in living and working environments while offering high quality and durability.

Can PVC flooring be recycled?

One of the biggest challenges in recycling PVC flooring is separating the PVC from other materials. In addition, the quality of the recycled material can be impaired by impurities. However, advances in recycling technology and improved separation processes are helping to overcome these challenges more and more effectively.

Efficient recycling is already possible today with the ECO variant. These sheets are made from recycled PVC and are therefore more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The advantages of PVC flooring

We offer a wide range of PVC flooring solutions that are ideally tailored to the requirements of your specific application. Our aim is to offer you only high-quality PVC flooring that is both environmentally friendly and functional. Our PVC floors combine numerous advantages: they are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for critical areas with high traffic. We also offer PVC flooring in a wide range of designs and textures, allowing you to create individual and stylish interior designs.

In addition, our PVC floors are easy to maintain and are a cost-effective solution for your floor due to their durability.

Areas of application and products

Our product range covers a wide variety of applications, including industrial floors, workshop floors, garage floors, ESD floors, commercial floors, fitness floors, heavy-duty tiles, exhibition floors, office floors, residential floors, anti-slip flooring, racing tiles, fall protection tiles, riding and equestrian floors, park tiles, event floors and outdoor flooring such as terrace tiles.

Each of our PVC flooring solutions is developed with a high degree of flexibility and creativity to ideally fulfil the specific needs of your application.

PVC flooring: environmentally friendly solution with a long service life

PVC flooring is an excellent choice for anyone who values durability, versatility and aesthetics. At terramondi, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality PVC flooring solutions that are both environmentally friendly and safe. We invite you to explore our flooring solutions on our website. Click here to learn more about our sustainable and versatile flooring solutions.

Need advice? Our experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on a suitable PVC solution for your application.

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