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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 01.12.2022

Podlaha v kanceláři Office floor

Stores, small offices, entrance areas, showrooms, workrooms, facilities for employees Everywhere you can consider using Terramondi Decor tiles. These retain all the properties that are expected of them, and still look elegant. Their design can definitely compete with usual tiles, they can be designed as stone, a variant in wood decor is also planned.

Flooring for commercial premises should be practical, functional and at the same time aesthetic. Very often people choose linoleum or laminate. However, these two options have their disadvantages in comparison with Terramondi PVC tiles.

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What can possibly keep you from linoleum or laminate?

Popular linoleum flooring is made from renewable resources, has a long service life and durable shape. It is available in many decors and thicknesses, the rule being that greater thickness = higher quality. However, there can be problems even during installation. The surface must be 100% clean, flat and dry, and if the installation fails a little, air bubbles will form. A linoleum has a tendency to work. In addition, this floor is not maintenance-free, it must be treated with wax from time to time. And the price? A linoleum is affordable for every interested person, the cheapest variants are available from about 6 €/m2. However, one cannot speak of high quality in this case, and for a good linoleum one pays some Euros more per square meter. And on top of that, there is also the work of the installers.

Laminate floors are mostly bought by the customers who would like to have wood, but can not afford it because of the price. Laminate with various wood imitations is available at a price of about 10 to 40 €/m2, plus the installation work. Its great advantage is its high load-bearing capacity, it is not damaged by office chair casters or heavy furniture. Its disadvantage for business premises is its poor sound-insulating properties. On the lower floor you would hear every step.

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What can Terramondi Decor score with?

Terramondi Decor PVC tiles are currently available in two variants - Business and Home. The Business series looks like a stone floor, while the Home tiles have a wook look. They are produced in light shades so that the room does not look dark, therefore they are suitable for smaller rooms with little light.

In comparison with linoleum and laminate, the basic advantage is in laying. PVC tiles do not need to be glued, they are simply assembled, their tight fit is ensured by the composite system used. The assembly succeeds anyone, you only need a rubber mallet. This eliminates the cost of laying. Since the tiles are not glued, a damaged piece can be replaced with a new one at any time. You can even take apart the entire floor, which is especially appreciated by entrepreneurs who rent offices and one day need to move.

The characteristics of the tiles Terramondi Decor are the same as in the other models. They have a long service life, high resistance to wear (even to office chair rollers) and chemicals, and do not require special maintenance. Just lay them and you're done. Do not waste time with your floor, rather invest it in your company.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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