Sports flooring - Which one should you choose?

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

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Floors in gyms are subjected to numerous stresses every day. Regardless of whether you spend time in your own gym, think about what you can do with fitness equipment, dumbbells or other sports equipment. There are several options. From classic flooring, which is mainly used in gyms, to PVC flooring, to concrete flooring, or a combination with carpet or other flooring.

But have you heard about PVC tiles?

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Quick and easy installation on almost any surface

The main advantage of tiles with interlock system is the possibility of self-assembly. It does not matter if you have a larger or smaller fitness center, or if you are just a couch potato. Self-assembly is desired by anyone who thinks not only functionally, but also economically.

Terramondi PVC tiles can be installed on almost any surface. The basic assumption is that the base surface is hard and as thin as possible. If your floor is concrete pavement, just sweep it and vacuum it and start laying tiles. Our customers can confirm that they were able to lay the tiles themselves, without additional costs or using the services of flooring companies.

Terramondi uses an interlocking system similar to that used in pavement systems. On all four sides, each tile is equipped with perfectly matched locks. They form a strong connection that requires only a rubber mallet. One person can lay up to 20 m² of tiles per hour

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Easy maintenance and the possibility of quick use

Maybe you're wondering, "How do you clean this up, do I need something special?" Or maybe "How long do I have to wait before I use the floor?" The good news is that once PVC tile is installed, it's ready to use right out of the box, and maintenance requires no special equipment or cleaning supplies. If you've ever had carpet in your gym, say goodbye to cleaning or dusting. However, if you choose Terramondi to keep the cleanliness in the gym, just a good vacuum cleaner. If you spill drinks or sweat, you need a mop and a normal cleaner.

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Excellent durability - effect of dumbbell is not a problem

Surely you have already experienced a situation where the negligence or sometimes laziness of customers to put sports equipment in the right place or on the floor caused a fall on the floor. A dumbbell or other heavy fitness equipment can cause major problems with the concrete floor. The best scenario is when only cracks occur. The real problem starts when the concrete begins to crumble or beckon. Then there is nothing else to align the floor, which is annoying not only because of the cost, but also because of the time - your company will have to be closed for some time.

Terramondi is also suitable for heavy industry, so it can easily cope with such shocks. The floor system is designed to withstand forklifts weighing up to 1500 kg. In addition, it not only protects the original surface, but also provides sound insulation and PVC also heat insulation. And if by chance some tiles are damaged, you do not have to worry about the expensive repair of the concrete floor, but simply replace the damaged element.

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Anti-slip properties

During training, eg sit-ups, stability and solid ground under the feet of your customers is important. Terramondi PVC tiles also have anti-slip properties, so you do not have to worry about slipping. In addition, you can choose from four designs, each of which meets the strict European standards for anti-slip properties.

A wide range of colors and the possibility of any combination

Another advantage that the owners of the gym or fitness center will certainly appreciate is the possibility of combining up to 12 colors. Terramondi tiles with dimensions 51 x 51 cm (including locks) facilitate the separation of individual fitness areas. Your customers will immediately be able to see and recognize the space for cardio or weights and dumbbells, etc. You can also assemble tiles for exercise equipment or racks, and if you decide to find another space, you can easily move the floor with them. Terramondi PVC tiles are portable and demountable, they can be installed and disassembled several times, which does not affect the strength of the locks.

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Warranty up to 12 years

You may already have contact with rubber tiles. They resemble and can be confused with PVC tiles, but have a significant drawback. Most of them are too soft and can change their shape after some time under the influence of temperature changes. Thanks to the use of PVC in Terramondi floor system, you can forget about waving and subsequent damage to the locks.

Terramondi meets the high requirements of European standards and has a guarantee up to 12 years. If you are interested in our floor system but have not seen it in person, we will send you a free sample. You can test the quality and durability of the material of the Terramondi floor and. We invite you to fill out the form "Free sample".

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

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