The best choice for your industrial floor is terramondi

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Why is terramondi the best choice for industrial floors?

A common feature of perfect industrial floors is that they can withstand the high loads caused by forklift trucks and pallet trucks and can be laid without interrupting work and easily repaired in concrete damaged areas. Industrial floors are almost always a sore point for any company looking to improve their working environment. In this article, we will explain why terramondi is the ideal solution for refurbishing your working environment, regardless of the workload or specific requirements of your business.

We will first address the basic problems of the most common industrial flooring on the market (epoxy, concrete and ceramic tiles) and explain why terramondi PVC industrial tiles are the better choice.

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is one of the most common floor coverings used in industrial flooring because it is applied directly to new or reclaimed concrete and increases ease of cleaning, eliminates the dust problem typical of concrete, and provides a clean and professional aesthetic result.

Basic problems of epoxy

An epoxy floor needs a perfectly dry and even surface. A work stoppage of about 14 days must be planned, which can be a problem. In order to apply the protective film correctly to the floor, all machinery, industrial shelving and various other installations must be dismantled. Prolonged exposure to acids and oils can change the colour of the resin and cause very obvious and irreparable stains. This type of floor also suffers from moisture and it is often necessary to use a vapour barrier. It is not impact resistant, so if a hammer or other implement is dropped, a crack may appear which will begin to enlarge over time.

Concrete floors

Concrete floors are a classic and have always been the first industrial floor after screed in any new build. In fact, they are the most common starting point for all alternative industrial floors such as resins and tiles. However, concrete is characterised by its difficult cleaning, dust that is created on the surface when it is used and stains. Oil and acid stains are definitely the fundamental problem with these floor coverings, as they are porous and irreversibly absorb liquids like a sponge. Subsequent installation of another industrial floor requires that the concrete be smoothed and cleaned of these infiltrations.

Basic problems of concrete

Cleaning the concrete surface is difficult and very dusty. Concrete discolours very easily, stains are not so easy to remove. If you decide to use a concrete floor, you have to expect the complete closure of the business and also the removal of all machinery and furniture.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are very popular in an industrial context, but in terms of repairs they are certainly the worst solution. Ceramic is hard, and therefore absorbs any impact or shock from heavy objects with resulting cracks. Any structural defect in the floor will cause the ceramic to break. In addition, the installation and repair costs are very high.

Basic problems of ceramic tiles

When laying ceramic tiles, production has to be stopped completely. Installation requires a very long time and the costs are high thanks to this material. Ceramic tiles are not resistant to impacts and falling heavy objects.

terramondi is the ideal floor for every sector

Our floors have been developed to solve the fundamental problems of alternative industrial floors. Whether HACCP environment or warehouse with forklift trucks or pallet trucks. terramondi offers the best solution in each case, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a technical and time perspective. Our floors are equally resistant, easy to clean and certified to the highest standards.

The tiles are highly resistant to impacts and falling of heavy objects, as well as to acids and oils. They feature an AirFlow system that allows air to circulate under the flooring and prevents mould or moisture condensation. Other benefits include the ability to replace individual damaged tiles without having to replace the entire floor.

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