Why are vinyl floors so popular?

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

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Of all the interior flooring you can buy these days, vinyl is pushing its way to the top. In terms of sales, it outsells best-sellers such as ceramic, wood and laminate flooring. Why?

Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is where the name comes from. It became popular already in the second half of the last century, and has been constantly developing since then. Nowadays, these floors are more durable, their installation takes less time, there are countless textures with which you can imitate wood or stone. The structure has also changed.

More and more people want to live healthy, so over time the current vinyl floors were developed, which are completely harmless to health and environmentally friendly. They consist of a few layers with various functions, the upper tread is for protection, protects the floor from trampling and wear.

The effort required for laying depends on the specific type

Vinyl flooring is produced in several variants and differ mainly in the method of installation.

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If vinyl parts are used, first of all, be sure to straighten the existing unevenness. The individual parts are then glued to the base with a special adhesive, which requires a professional. In fact, only an experienced professional can best tell when the adhesive is properly de-aerated and ready for vinyl tile installation. They are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, but also for staircases. They are especially useful for places with high traffic (schools, offices, shopping malls), because they can withstand high loads.

Self-adhesive floor: Much easier are the vinyl floors sold in rolls, which are sold as self-adhesive. Only the protective film is peeled off, after which the flooring is pressed firmly to the surface, this is an extremely quick and easy option. Again, a perfectly flat floor is required, all unevenness would be immediately noticeable. Installation is possible anywhere you would use glued parts, even in rooms with moisture. They are quieter, than the freely laid variant, so better for rooms where children are (eg, living room).

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Self adhesive bottom

Free laid floor with click system If you like to have a free laid floor without gluing, the vinyl with click system is the right choice. Click vinyl flooring is made by gluing a classic vinyl flooring to a load-bearing base, which increases its resistance. The result is a stronger flooring (about 5 to10 mm), but the installation can be done even by a layman - the principle is similar to classic paving stones, nothing is glued. Due to its thickness, it is useful in all places where thermal insulation is required.

Vinyl tiles Terramondi A very special type of vinyl flooring are the tiles Terramondi. They are assembled on a leveled base as building blocks, from the point of view of laying it is an extremely fast flooring. Here, too, nothing needs to be glued and the individual tiles are quite easy to replace. Thanks to the surfaces and resistance to large loads Terramondi is a good solution for garages.

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

What are the disadvantages?

Vinyl floors are used in commercial premises, offices, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The glued variants are also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating. Prices are quite a bit higher than alternative floor coverings, but this does not make them any less popular. Among the most tempting features are the many designs, high resistance to wear and easy installation. Housewives are pleased with the ease of cleaning without special detergents. Are there any other reasons to choose a vinyl floor?

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

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