Kefren PU-816 Glue

Suitable for TM Traffic

Area of application:
For interior and exterior use.

Two component reaction polyurethane adhesive for bonding industrial PVC and rubber (collective kitchens, sports floor coverings, etc.), linoleum in sheet and tile, carpet floor coverings, synthetic grass, outdoor-, sports- flooring, unfinished and factory pre-finished parquet flooring (all wood species).

Especially suitable for use onto subfloors of concrete, existing floor tiles, flooring grade plywood and timber. Viscous-hard, resistant to humidity and weathering, very good adhesive properties.

Container size: 7 kg

  •  Suitable adhesive for our TM Traffic planks
  •  Consumption: 2 m²/ kg (1 container = approx. 14 m²)
  •  Suitable for many fields of application
  • Price:

    €226.00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 1 week


Subfloor preparation:

Subfloors must be firm, level, smooth, permanently dry and free of old adhesive, residue, dust, grease or other contaminants. When covering existing floor coverings, make sure they are firmly seated and that they are glued and clean. Remove dirt, polish, oil and similar contaminating substances. The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of grease.

Glue preparation:

Resin and hardener must be thoroughly fixed with an agitator (approx. 400 rpm) until the mixture has a uniform beige colour.


Apply a subfloor with a suitable notched trowel (depending on version) evenly and over the entire surface (depending on porosity and roughness of the substrate). No open time required, good initial tack is further enhanced during cure. Immediately lay the floor covering in the wet adhesive, making sure that the adhesive is completely transferred. use one Rub block and/or roller to remove trapped air and ensure good adhesive transfer. Repeat after 30 minutes. Wetness during assembly can lead to foaming on the surface of the adhesive film. Final binding is achieved after 24 hours. High temperatures shorten the curing time, low temperatures prolong it.


When processing PU-816, avoid direct skin contact with the uncured adhesive. Please wear protective gloves. Hazardous fumes may be evolved when heating or spraying the product.


Up to 12 months in the unopened original container when stored between +10°C and +30°C.