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from Info CastimondiUpdated on 05.07.2023

If you use a forklift truck in your business and want to have a beautiful and safe floor TM Mechanic is a good choice. Not only do the tiles look beautiful, we also offer these in a wide range of colours and several designs. The TM Mechanic offers safety at work in the factory and are specially designed for the regular load of forklift trucks.


Their main advantage is the possibility, thanks to the colour combination, to create a division of space into safety zones or paths where forklifts move. The use of tiles for these purposes is permanent. It is not necessary to paint the floor or stick warning tapes on it, as with other surfaces. If necessary, the tiles can also be replaced or rearranged to adapt the zones or routes to your needs.

Technical parameters
Industrial tiles are 7 mm thick and have a hardness of 92 ± 3 Shore A. They are suitable for industrial use with load classes 42, 43 and high load bearing and for operation with forklift trucks or pallet trucks.

The load that the soil can withstand:
• for four-wheel forklifts with rubber tyres up to 5,500 kg
• for reach trucks with hard wheels up to 4,200 kg
• for hard wheel pallet trucks up to 1,800 kg

These values may vary in different cases, it may be necessary to fix or glue the floor to the subfloor, which further increases durability. You can read the details in the technical data sheet, where you will also find our other advice and tips.

We stand behind the quality and durability of the floor and offer a guarantee of up to 12 years.


Info Castimondi

Info Castimondi

Info Castimondi writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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